Carousel planter for seedlings

  • The S219 semi-automatic carousel planter

The carousel planter is designed for planting seedlings which grow in plug trays. The main advantage of this machine is its precision, both with regard to the spacing between seedlings and the planting depth. The planter has three independent sections fitted to the beam – the distances between them can be smoothly changed. The planting section requires only one person for operation. The seedlings are distributed from metal cups placed on the carousel’s plate.

On the planter’s frame, a root-drill feeder for mineral fertilisers can be installed.

Sadzarka karuzelowa 4 rzędowa, stojaki na palety w standardzie+ kroje talerzowe
Carousel Planter 4-row, racks for trays (in standard version)+ cutting plates



















The S219 carousel planter is designed for the semi-automatic planting of specially-potted seedlings from plug trays. The machine can be used to plant cabbages, cauliflowers, tomatoes, celery, tobacco, herbs, flowers, etc.

Technical parameters:

  • A semi-automatic planter for seedlings from plug trays, with cone-shaped root balls with a diameter of up to 6 cm or pyramid-shaped and with a side length of up to 4.5 cm,
  • Cogs for setting the preferred spacing,
  • The minimum spacing between plants in the row – 14 cm,
  • The maximum spacing of plants in the row – 89 cm,
  • The distance between rows – 48-95 cm (beyond this range – at the client’s request)
  • The maximum plant height – 35 cm,
  • The maximum planting depth – 15 cm
  • Adjustable planting depth,
  • A spring for correctly planting seedlings in the ground,
  • A rack for plug trays for each section,
  • A seat on each section.

Capacity per hour for each section: 4500-5000 plants/h