Cultivator with a sprayer

Cultivator with a sprayer

The cultivator with a sprayer is designed for the chemical and mechanical eradication of weeds in inter-row crops or for liquid fertiliser feeding.

Special revolving covers facilitate the feeding of liquid herbicides directly on weeds, while protecting crop seedlings.

Moreover, it is possible to use herbicides for eradicating beetle larvae or white grubs. The chemical agent is distributed underground to a specified depth corresponding to the pest’s feeding ground, i.e. 25 cm. With the use of a special tool the herbicide is released at the required depth and covered with a layer of soil, which prevents its oxidisation. This ensures 100% effectiveness.



WIDTH 3,5 m 3,5 m
LENGTH 2,6 m 2,6 m
HEIGHT 2,15 m 2,15 m
WEIGHT 620 kg 760 kg


Cultivator with a sprayer + finger weeders +  one additional hood/ section


The cultivator with a sprayer may also be used as a feeder for liquid fertilisers. Due to the proper positioning of its nozzles, it can be used, for instance, in the leaf spraying of crops with nitrogen fertiliser.

The cultivator featuring a sprayer, similar to the cultivator with fertiliser dispensers, greatly adds to the benefits of using the machine. It provides a feature of simultaneous mechanical weeding and the liquid herbicide spraying of crops.

The use of the sprayer allows the precise dosage of herbicides at a specified distance from the plant and makes it possible to apply the spray directly onto weeds between rows while passing over the plant.


Video: Cultivator with a sprayer equipped with hoods for herbicides