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We have been running our business SINCE 1989.

“Solan” is a privately- owned company whose origins date back to 1981

  • “Solan” is a privately- owned company whose origins date back to 1981. Initially, the company manufactured potato planters. Later, we expanded our range of agricultural machinery to include carousel planters, finger planters, precision nursery planters, inter-row weeders, and compatible fertiliser dispensers.
  • In 2001, to keep up with the market demand, we bought our first machine for manufacturing T-18 troughed sheets used for roofing. In the subsequent years we have expanded our machine park, and today we have at our disposal profiling machinery for various roofing designs, as well as for producing flashings. The raw materials for our sheets are procured from the following steel plants: CORUS, ARCELOR MITTAL, MARCEGAGLIA. .
  • To ensure you have a comprehensive choice, we have expanded our range to include sheet screws, vapour-permeable membranes, roof windows and comprehensive rainwater downpipe systems.
  • One of our top priorities is to provide you with reliable and honest guidance in choosing your roofing and its elements. If you need a hand with measurements, optimisations and appraisals of your roofing, we will be happy to help. Also, we cooperate with dependable roofing teams, which guarantee solid performance.
  • We use our own transport resources, which enables us to deliver materials within 48 hours from receiving the order. Come and see what we’ve got in store for you.