Cultivator with a sprayer

Cultivator with a sprayer

The interrow cultivator with a sprayer is designed for chemical and mechanical weed control in inter-row crops and for dosing herbicides.

The use of the sprayer allows you to precisely dose the dose of herbicides at an adjustable distance from the plant and its root system, allows you to spray weeds between the rows, bypassing the entire plant. Equipped with herbicide caps for chemical weed control, operator’s seat with steering wheel, spray container and weeding sections for mechanical weed control.

Herbicide hats are special rotating covers in which nozzles are placed, allowing liquid herbicides to be applied directly to weeds, while protecting the seedlings of the crop.
As standard, the sprayer is equipped with 2 herbicide caps per row. The diameter of the hat is 37cm. For larger distances, where it is necessary to cover a greater distance with spraying, an appropriate number of hats should be ordered as needed. The machine is suitable for high crops because it has a clearance of 80 cm under the beam. Equipped with a preparation tank with a capacity of 800 liters, it ensures long-lasting application of herbicides.

Additionally, it is possible to use insecticides (grub knives) to combat the beetle larvae, i.e. the grub. The chemical agent is introduced under the ground surface to a regulated depth of the pest’s feeding – up to 25 cm (regulated). With the help of a special tool, insecticides are introduced to a given depth and covered with the top layer of soil, which prevents their oxidation. This gives 100% effectiveness.
Herbicide hats and grub knives cannot be used at the same time. You can only use one of these tools at the same time.



WIDTH 3,5 m 3,5 m
LENGTH 2,6 m 2,6 m
HEIGHT 2,15 m 2,15 m
WEIGHT 620 kg 760 kg


Cultivator with a sprayer + finger weeders +  one additional hood/ section


The cultivator with a sprayer can also be used as a liquid fertilizer dispenser. By appropriately setting the nozzles, it can be used, for example, for foliar fertilization of crops with nitrogen fertilizer, urea.

The cultivator equipped with a sprayer, similarly to the cultivator with fertilizer dispensers, greatly increases the usability of the machine. With simultaneous mechanical weeding of the crop, it is possible to spray it with liquid herbicides.


Video: Cultivator with a sprayer equipped with hoods for herbicides