Interrow Cultivator (mechanical weeder)

Interrow Cultivator (mechanical weeder) is a multifunctional machine for plant cultivation. It can be used for interrow weeding,earthing-up, hoeing and grubbing procedures for plants such as: potato, tomato, corn, sugar beet, beans, lettuce, strawberry, sunflower, tabaco, fruit trees etc. standard to 60 cm crops height, optional to 80 cm.

Interrow cultivator 8-section with sliding beam and hydraulic folding.
Interrow cultivator 8-section with sliding beam and hydraulic folding.

Interrow cultivator consists of separate sections mounted on a main beam. The distance between sections can be smoothly regulated from 20 cm to 90cm, opcjonal to 300 cm. This machine is adjusted to every soil hardness. Working deepth depends on the plantation condition.


This machine is avaible in  2-12 section versions


Kinds of sections  :


Sekcja Typ B
Section Type B
Typ B + blachy osłonowe
Section  Type B + Cover plates
Sekcja Typ B + tarcze osłonowe
Section Type B + Cover shields
Sekcja Typ B + talerze obsypujące
Section Type B + Ridging plates
Section Type B + Finger Weeder on section

There is also a possibility to mount finger weeder on the main beam of cultivator. Thanks to it, more additional equipment can be installed on the section such as string rollers.


Sekcja Typ B + wałki strunowe
Section Type B + String rollers
Sekcja Typ B + kroje talerzowe
Section Type B + Cutting plates
Sekcja Typ B + Noże kątowe
Section Type B + Angle blades

Standard sections allow to weed crops up to 60 cm height. We offer also elevated version Type BP made for crops up to 80 cm height.

Sekcja zwykła Typ B 60cm i podwyższana Typ BP  80cm

Section Type B (to 60cm) and elevated Type BP  (to 80cm)


While using the cultivator on the boggy ground, we recommend using “French” wheels

Standard wheel (225mm x 70mm) vs. French (300mm x 100mm)


 We offer 3 diffrent kind of endings for cultivator spring tines.

3 rodzaje zakończeń zębów sprężynowych sekcji pielnika
3 endings for spring tines (ploughshares) of cultivator sections
(From left- in standard option, In the middle- 105mm, right- 150mm )

Ridging plough

There is a possibility to combine with equipment and mount different accesories to single section of the cultivator


Steerable main frame, Cultivator can be equipped with steering wheel which makes it possible to control the track of the machine independebtly of the tractor. In this way the machine is more precise, which eliminates the risk of damaging the seedlings. The operator has complete control over the direction of the cultivator.

Fertiliser, Cultivator can be equipped with fertiliser feeders which substantially increases the benefits of using the machine. There is a possibility of the simultaneous weeding and fertilising of the crops. The feeders are designed for granular and powder fertilisers as well as for other non-agglomerated dry material in inter-row crops.

The application of the feeder in the cultivator allows very precise dosing of fertilisers at a selected distance from the plant and its root system, which in turn is very beneficial to the development of the plants and achieves savings in mineral fertiliser use (the fertiliser is distributed to the points of its optimum absorption by the plant’s root system).


Cultivator 4-row (5 section) with steerable main frame (manual) + Cover plates


Cultivator 2-row (3 section) with steerable main frame (hydraulic) + Fertiliser feeders