Finger Weeder

The purpose of using finger weeder is to dig out and remove the weeds between the planted crops. The discs form a system for the mechanical eradication of weeds in rows. It enables the limitation or elimination of hand weeding in rows. The discs with protruding fingers, star-shaped, made of special plastic, penetrate the soil to the depth of 2-4 cm directly next to the plant to remove young weed seedlings. The frequent use of the cultivator equipped with finger weeder allows a 90% reduction in human labour.  It should be remembered that elements made of plastic are able to remove only young seedlings up to 5 centimetres long. The root systems of older weeds are deeper and so beyond the reach of the discs. The discs are made of plastic of varying hardnesses to be adjusted to the specific features of the given crop or soil type.

The operating speed of the machine with the discs is 4 – 15 km/h.