We are a producer of agricultural machines


We are a producer of agricultural machines


We are a producer of agricultural machines

Fertilizer dosing system

Sowing fertilizers during planting ensures accelerated and healthy development of the plant. The fertilizer dosing system is located on the planter frame behind the machine seats and is activated by the planter’s drive wheels. The fertilizer is sown into the coulter right when the seedling is placed in the soil. One dispenser has two fertilizer discharge tubes, each for one row. The capacity of the dispenser is 60 liters.

Pneumatic pressing wheels

For clay soils, we recommend the use of solid tire wheels (Standard).Wheels with such a tire on heavy soils definitely better squeeze the seedling in the ground thanks to the point pressure of the entire weight of the planter on the place where the seedling is placed. In the case of sandy or excessively loosened soils, we need surface pressure, not point pressure, which is why we advise against these wheels and recommend wheels with a flexible tire, whose contact surface with the ground is larger and does not sink excessively into the soil, as the tire bends and creates a larger contact surface with the ground. soil

Cutting disc

Disc coulters are used to ensure smoother operation of the coulter on heavy and hard soils. The discs also protect the coulter from boulders in the soil. The discs also protect the coulter from boulders in the soil. When a planter with a disc coulter hits a stone, it rolls over it, thus protecting the other elements of the planter.

Kneading Rollers

The function of the compaction rollers is to prepare soil that is too loose for planting. The rollers compact the soil before the coulter’s work, so that right after it, in the final phase of planting, the planter’s pressure wheels can firmly fix the plant in the ground. With loose soils and lack of rollers, they can be placed in the ground too loosely, which makes it difficult for the seedling to take root.

Dripping line system

As an option, we offer an installation for our planters that allows the hose for water dripping to be unrolled under the ground or placed on the ground next to the crop. This solution has a positive effect on the development of a crop that needs a lot of water in the early growth phase. The use of an irrigation line allows you to survive periods of drought without compromising the plantation.

Multi-level tables

Option available in Model K, R and P9. Multi-level tables can be prepared in a 2- and 3-level version according to customer preferences.

Roof (Waterproof Hood)

The roof is made of waterproof canvas placed on a steel frame. The sides and back of the roof can be rolled up and the walls exposed. The roofing protects against rain, but above all its function is the comfort of work of the crew, which is protected against strong wind and sun. In addition, the tarpaulin protects not yet planted seedlings from excessive drying on sunny days.


he marker is an arm that is mounted on both sides of the planter, its task is to mark the route of the tractor with the planter on the soil so that when the tractor returns, the same trajectory and distance from previously planted rows can be maintained

Sweeping coulters

Sweeping coulters are sometimes used to cover seedlings with soil on each side so as to create a mound.

tall container

low container

standard wheels

standard racks for multipalets